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Newborn Babies Child Life Insurance - Children

Child life insurance cover for newborn babies is a new concept in the life insurance industry.

This evidently enables parents to give their children a financial head start in their lives.

Child life insurance in this category comes at lower rates, and can enable parents to pay for treatment in case of illnesses or accidents, or burial costs in case of sudden death. It also comes as term cover or whole child life insurance cover.

New types of child life insurance policies are being developed nowadays because of a spurt of growth in the insurance sector. Statistics prove that large numbers of people have already bought child life insurance policies for their children. Purchasers should, however, look carefully at the policy concerned before buying it.

If we understand life insurance as being an economic instrument that provides a financial cushion in case of accident or death, its value for a newborn baby is doubtful. After all, life insurance is used by working people to create savings for their families in case of injury, illness, unemployment, or sudden death. Such child life insurance policies enable the surviving family members to continue to pursue their accustomed way of life after the death of the working member in the family. It does not seem very necessary in the case of a newborn child, who is not part of the workforce yet!

Therefore, most experts advise against purchasing child life insurance policies because the face value of the policy is low. Term child life insurance policies for newborn babies are also being sold, and are targeted at achieving specific goals, such as setting aside enough funds to pay for a college education. However, further education plans are found to be better financial instruments.

Experts also state that more money is spent to insure children without achieving any beneficial results. They advise parents to buy more insurance for themselves, thus getting an immediate tax benefit, and investing in further education plans for their children.

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