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Multiple Car Insurance for two cars in the same household

The Wonderful World Of Multiple Car Insurance

Multiple car insurance is one of the many options that are offered by various insurers these days and has in fact opened up the market and a world of possibilities for car owners everywhere.

It has also opened up opportunities for individual car owners to save money. Although there are many forms of insurance that can save individual households money, multiple car insurance is undoubtedly one of the best out there.

Multiple car insurance actually covers more than one car that belongs to the same household. It can actually provide cover for any amount of cars or household vehicles, with the exception of motorbikes, all under the one policy. As you are only taking out one policy with multiple car insurance and not several, it is much cheaper.

There are no extra administration costs and no surcharges for the majority of multiple car insurance policies, although it will be worth referring to individual insurers and reading the terms and conditions to check on this.

Multiple car insurance is one policy for all cars in a household and thus is in one name. Of course there can be named drivers added to the policy so that the household can get on the road. However, bear in mind that different companies operate different policies when it comes to multiple car insurance. Some will only take the details of the policyholder into account, but other insurance companies will want to know the details of all named drivers as well, including whether or not individuals have points on their license and/or are entitled to a no claims bonus or not. This may make a difference to the price of multiple car insurance so be sure to get quotes and compare policies in advance!

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